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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kimberly Button of greenWell Consulting

If you are interested in becoming more "green," then you should get in touch with Kimberly Button of greenWell, an eco-wellness consulting company right here in Orlando. Former health issues steered Kim toward living a natural, healthy lifestyle and she can help you, your home, and/or your company become greener and more toxin-free!

Kim is as cute as her name implies! We became fast friends as we walked around Winter Park chatting and doing her headshots. She is sweet, bubbly, and funny. You can also keep up with her and her articles about living a healthier lifestyle (for you and the planet) on her website, GetGreenBeWell.com.

Orlando Headshots_IMG_0167a Orlando Headshots_IMG_0212a Orlando Headshots_IMG_0217a Orlando Headshots_IMG_0223a Orlando Headshots_IMG_0263a Orlando Headshots_IMG_0276a Orlando Headshots_IMG_0311a Orlando Headshots_IMG_0340 Orlando Headshots_IMG_0373a Orlando Headshots_IMG_0391a Orlando Headshots_IMG_0420a Orlando Headshots_IMG_0454a Orlando Headshots_IMG_0458a Thanks for a great day, Kim! I'm looking forward to our new adventures in green living!



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